Snacks with honey mustard and onion

bulk 1,25kg

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glass edged 50g

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glass round 50g

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box 50g

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ALU can 50g

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composite can small 50g

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ZIP bag 300g

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composite can large 450g

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WHEAT flour, sunflower oil, sugar, maltodextrin, salt, WHEY powder, aroma, 0,7% onion powder, rice flour, emulsifier: mono- und diglycerides of fatty acids, 0,2% honey, 0,1% MUSTARD, yeast, acidifier: citric acid; acid regulator: calcium phosphate. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SESAME.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


A crispy revelation

This pretzel pieces with a subtle spice mixture of honey, mustard and onions are a treat, even for the snack palates. There is simply nothing so delicious! Bite-sized pretzel pieces, crispy and spicy and with the typical Honey-Mustard taste seasoned with a hint of onion and with an incredibly gorgeous crispy consistency. The popular combination of sweet honey and slightly milder sharpness, balanced and fits perfectly with the pretzel pieces. Topped with a touch of onion is a gift of the snack gods!

A delicacy with balanced sharpness and sweetness

If you have opened the shiny, golden package, you will feel the bouquet that can not be trusted, because the flavour is just too mind-boggling, as they could also program the enjoyment of these unusual snacks. We regret to make a sad announcement, that will diminish your wallet considerably: the wonderfully large pretzel pieces tastes even better than they look and smell. Invest your hard-earned money not in real estate, not in other value systems but if you please, in this delicious pretzel pieces with their indescribably delicious taste of honey, mustard, and onions. A snack that is to guaranteed never be a disappointment!

A snack, that always wins !

You can not be immune to this flavour, and the crunch in your ears. Any kind of resistance has no use. Who doesn't love the honey mustard as a delicious dip for smoked salmon and a slice of toast, for we have a refreshingly different snacks to offer. The pretzel pieces impress with their good looks, a crispy body and a taste that is highly addictive. You'll dream it at nights, this is no joke! Try the pleasant bite of tasty pretzel pieces with their taste of honey, mustard and onions. Perfect with a beer or wine, with soda or just as simple as can be !