Peanut snack with tasty fried peas and Chili wheat pillows
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Peas, PEANUT, green bean, PRAWNcrackers, broad beans, WHEAT flour, PRAWNflavor, chili, curry, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, colorings: tartrazine, brilliant blue FCF.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2008 1919


Roasted green peas, tasty coated peanuts and crispy chilli Wheat cushions

This Mix can be seen in at first sight that it is something very special: Where else can you find crunchy peanuts with crispy, crunching chilli Wheat pillows and little bright coloured green peas - all topped off with a touch of curry? This healthy and easy way to snack is the reason for the success of our LOUNGE MIX, which also stands out for its appearance and immediately convinces you with its special flavours. Is no coincidence Singapore is considered the melting pot of the cuisines in the world. It combines a wide range of preparation and influences of all cuisines worldwide. Food is very important for Singaporeans and therefore provides a an a immense variety of it. This is the principle that combines our LOUNGE MIX: Diverse mixing, interesting components and perfectly seasoning.

The nutty snack convinces by its creative ingredients and a delicious curry flavour

An elegant and very fine curry perfume comes out when opening the packaging of our LOUNGE MIX. Gradually, the eye perceives the tastefully colour-coordinated components of the snack. Then, in the mouth, the taste takes place: roasted green peas, awesome spiced peanuts and appetizing chilli Wheat cushion along with delicious broad beans and green beans. This stands on every fine snack immediately by its selected ingredients, gentle preparation and perfectly matched spices.

The slight Nibbler snack that has abducted you into the world of Singapore

The roasted peas are a magnificent highlight surrounded by the golden yellow chilli Wheat pillows and the delicious fine spicy coated peanuts. A colourful and easy snack which is offered perfectly as a small snack when the tummy is rumbling, even in your break time. Our LOUNGE MIX is therefore suitable not only as a small snack in the evening watching TV or having a glass of wine on the couch, but also in the car when you're driving in long journeys. Also in the handbag, even on a spree helps our mix rapidly recharge all your energy tanks and strengthened, but not complaining, strolling to get through the day.