Apple Strudel Bears. Shockingly good. Shockingly necessary! Apple Strudel Bears with that certain hint of whipped cream. Wow!
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Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelling agent: gelatine, pectins, acidulant: citric acid, lactic acid, flavours, acidity regulator: sodium lactate, glazing agent: beeswax, carnauba wax, vegetable oil (palm, coconut), colours: curcumin, brilliant blue FCF, Titanium dioxide


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1704 9065


Wow - Apple Strudel Bears: you better believe it!

We´ve heard you saying "how can this be, apple strudel in a gummi?" and are truly willing to enlighten you. It´s so easy, just take that intense taste of apples and combine it with that nice yummy taste of whipped cream. And voilá! Here come the Apple Strudel Bears!

Apple Gums - something really special!

In most mixed fruit gums, "apple" is a common flavour. Unfortunately, those gums rarely have that intense apple flavour we strive for. Fortunately, those Apple Strudel Gums have that certain flavour. Together with the yummy taste of whipped cream, they are priceless!

Take a look! Here come the Apple Strudel Bears!

If we wouldn´t know that their taste is absolutely marvellous, we couldn´t stop watching them. They are so cute! That´s because of that playful combination of apple-green and cream-white! Our suggestion: better try them for yourself!