Nut mix with roasted peas and crunchy corn
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WHEAT, chickPEAS, BROADBEAN, green BEAN, SHRIMP vegetable oil, sugar, salt, chili, curry, corn, semolina, rice, maltodextrin, PEANUT, colouring agent: yellow-orange S, tartrazine, brilliant blue FCF; Flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat, disodium. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, MILK, SESAME and nuts. Can affect the activity and attention in children.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2008 1919


The sun in your heart and the snack on your tongue

Barcelona is very hip, so hip like no other place in Europe today. Survivalist, artists and otherwise freethinkers make the city your home and gives the city this special way of life that we have tried to capture in our BARCELONA MIX. Roasted peanuts with a touch of refined salt or dipped in a savory flavoured breading, are the delicious prelude. Besides symbolizing golden corn, gently roasted and placed in a crispy shell, the sun enchants the whole city and the Art Nouveau fades on the way to the beach. And if you then in between have an airy nacho cushion in the mouth, you just arrived in a small tapas bar with a glass of Rijoa in your hand.

The rhythm of Spain passing through the Snack

The secrets of the extensive Spanish cuisine, spicy and true life in our BARCELONA MIX. The content is a mix of taste and appearance: rolled against pretty green dried chickpeas, which is characterizes through it's very unique flavour. The crunchy roasted peanuts keep their promise, with the fine salt touch, they taste even more delicious than they look, and with a coat of crispy seasoned cases they are so tasty. Golden yellow corn in a crunchy shell, finely crunch in the mouth and roll flavour just before the red carpet closes for the legendary Nacho cushions made so airy and light with a hint of chilli.

Packed passion as a snack

On the table stacks empty clay bowls and the carafe is filled again. The sun goes down, the day ends with a tasty snack in the stomach and a pleasurable cup of wine. The true spanish lifestyle, bundled as an exotic mix of spicy-coated peanuts and spicy corn cakes, topped off with a hint of chilli, are a guarantee for lively evenings, good conversation and lots of laughter. With our interpretation of the Spanish lifestyle,we recommand you somehing special: if you're looking for a spicy but charming snack that goes with a tinto vino bianco or if you want to be more creative, decide yourself for our BARCELONA MIX: You'll be amazed by the intense green of chickpeas, yellow corn, the nacho cushion and the two peanuts varieties.