Nut kernel mix with barbecue flavor

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PEANUT, rice, CORN, WHEAT, palm oil, vegetable oil (SOYBEAN), sugar, salt, EGG, onion, barbecue spice, seasoning, flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat. May contain traces of MUSTARD, GLUTEN, SESAME SEEDS and other NUTS contain.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Best peanuts with smoky-spicy BBQ flavour

In this Peanut Blend, you will face three various delicious peanut types: the classic salted peanut, the insanely tasty peanut ravioli, and blended together by a crunchy coated peanut. All these three nuts kernels variations combine the unique smoky-spicy BBQ mix that by far highlights our peanuts and nutty inherent flavours perfectly blends together, without distracting you from the nutty basic theme, that you love.

Sophisticated peanut variations with delicious BBQ seasoning

By social barbecuing fun long known to all, we have come to our beloved peanut kernels now bestowed also the unique BBQ flavour. The smoky flavour refined already the delicate peanuts and ensures huge applause from you taste buds. These nuts are salty, crunchy and crispy and in their smoking Trinity is a real flavour concert.

Nibble pleasure with smoky-tangy BBQ peanuts

An absolute must for all BBQ and peanut fans: with an inimitable smoky flavour the crisply roasted peanuts become a spectacular highlight for your taste buds! Bring them along to the next BBQ with friends and get the party already started with these smoky fellows while the coal is still getting hot - the time will pass instantly, we promise!