Chocolate peanut black with 24K gold

bulk 5kg

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glass edged 110g

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glass round 110g

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composite can small 110g

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box 110g

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ALU can 110g

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ZIP bag 750g

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composite can large 950g

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MILK chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, whole MILK powder, cocoa BUTTER, WHEY powder, emulsifier:, natural vanilla flavor), sugar, PEANUTS, thickener: Gummi arabicum, palm oil, tapioca dextrin, colors: biochar, Titanium dioxide, glazing agent: beeswax, carnauba wax, shellac, glucose syrup, 24k Gold. Contains SOY and may contain traces of GLUTEN and other NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1806 3210


Black & Gold Choco Peanut: a symphony of appraisal

Those peanuts have already become very precious to us. You know, choco peanuts are very delicious - and on topp is their fascinating appearance. On the black background, gold dust was gently dispersed.

Exactly that: 24 carats of gold dust!

Appraisal is only worthwile, if done properly. For our Black & Gold Choco Peanuts, we have taken only the finest ingredients: crunchy peanuts, superior chocolate - and real, pure gold. 24 carats of pure gold to be exact, which of course is edible - usually, such fine gold is only used in high cuisine. Naturally, we did everything in our powers to get in possession of that gold to decorate those peanuts properly.

Appraisal is a snack with peanuts

Sounds funny, perhaps, but in this case it is the truth. The contrast of black and gold is classy and noble - as well as its taste. Which leads straight to possible uses for those Black & Gold Choco Peanuts. Whoever you are estimating highly is a possible candidate for those peanuts. You can be sure to make this person really happy by giving the Black & Gold Choco Peanuts as a present.