Roasted cashew kernels with delicious barbeque coating
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CASHEW NUTS (71%), WHEAT flour, BBQ seasoning (WHEY powder (MILK), potato starch, spices, sugar, salt, tomato powder, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, yeast extract, herbs, flavour (MILK), garlic powder, CHEESE powder (CHEESE (MILK), WHEY powder (MILK)), colorants: paprika extract, food acid: citric acid, spice extract (black pepper, turmeric), herbal extract (oregano, thyme)) (3,7%), tapioca starch, SOY oil, rice flour, salt, EGGS, sugar, onions, emulsifier(s): arabic gum. May contain traces of PEANUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9070


Cashews coated with spicy-smoky BBQ-flavour

Surrounded by a thin wheat dough shell with crisp, spicy-smoky BBQ-flavour and a fine chilli touch that fine cashews can expect from you discovered and gets it to be hardly! Our CASHEW BBQ show in fact the first time its creamy mild, finally once spicy, pungent side. Visually pleasing to the eye in a delicate golden hue, they are for all taste Barbequesaucenfans who love it subtly spicy, a brilliant alternative to the classical nut snack. Moreover, convinced the spicy breading through a fine crunch of crispy combines easily and feathery with the subtle nuances of cashews. A very casual snack that provides convincing large bouquet and creamy mild taste moments.

Cashews as directly from the Smoker

Through our special spice out the creamy nutty cashews of our CASHEW BBQ a tasty and mercilessly spicy finish. Finest smoke flavourings as directly from the Smoker, invite you to dream and stimulate the desire for a warm summer evening and a lavish barbecue with friends on the terrace. Our cashews we wrapped in a light, crispy batter and topped with the typical taste of fine barbeque sauce. The finishing touches missed our gold jewelery a fine pinch of chilli that does not dominate but great support.

Welcome to a snack variety for every occasion

The usually noble cashew kernels we have undergone in our CASHEW BBQ once a makeover. The result is a spicy, smoky, extremely delicious nut specialty trend character. As a button is an immediate feeling of summer in your mouth a. You feel immediately transported back to the last hot summer days of last year and an entertaining, relaxing patio party with friends. On the grill meat sizzles, cold beer is ready and crisp baguette exudes luxuriant from major breadbaskets, flanked by colourful salads in large glass bowls. Enjoy some these moments and turn on deceleration. As long as you have our CASHWE BBQ, summer never ends. And at the next barbecue party are guaranteed our spicy cashews that migrate first in the mouth, as long as the meat still sizzling on the grill.