Puffed rice balls in shiny chocolate yoghurt dip

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composite can large 550g

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Sugar, rice, malt, vegetable fat, glucose, MILK powder, MILK derivatives, emulsifier: Mono and diglycerides, cocoa BUTTER, LACTOSE, yogurt flavor, SOY lecithin, vanillin, stabilizer: Gummi arabicum. May contain traces of PEANUTS, sulfur dioxide, SULFITES and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1806 3210


Puffed rice balls + chocolate = crunchy happiness!

White sweets are just classy! More so with their brilliant coating, those puffed rice balls with white chocolate are a real treat. What puffed rice balls are - apart from crunchy? Tasty! If you try one, you soon want more.

Puffed rice balls - there, whenever you need them!

If you wonder, what's it like to enjoy those Choco Yoghurt Rice Crisps? Well, first you are going to taste that white, creamy chocolate. Then, when you start to try to bite all, there is a tiny resistance - the crunchy part of this treat: the puffed rice balls. Chewing them, you´ll mix the crunchy with the creamy which is an extraordinary experience. 

Light joy - with substance!

Those Choco Yoghurt Rice Crisps are not big - but a big joy to eat. The rice crisps are fluffy and crispy at the same time. They fit perfectly on your birthday cakes or into your cereals. Be sure to have enough on stock, because you´ll soon want nothing else.