Whole milk covers and lovingly protects those fluffly, crunchy choco rice crisps. An adorable combination!

ALU-Dose 65g

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Glas (Eckig) 65g

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Glas (Rund) 65g

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PET-Dose 75g

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ZIP-Beutel 400g

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bulk 3kg

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box 65g

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composite can small 65g

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composite can large 500g

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MILK chocolate 40,79%, Sugar 31,47%, PEANUTS 24,25%, Thickener E414 0,82%, Palmoil 0,75%, Tapioca dextrin 0.69%, Colourings: E101, E120, E133, E160a, E171 0,61%, Glazing agent: E901, E903, E904 0,26%, Dried glucose syrup 0,09%.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1806 3210


This chocolate has a job to do!

Whole milk chocolate has willingly accepted the responsibilty to cover those crunchy rice crisps and protect them from any harm - apart from being eaten. Then, the creamy and exquisite chocolate serves as a perfect counterpart to the fluffly, crunchy rice crisps. Good job!

No peanuts? Nu fun!

The rice crackers are no plain rice crackers you can find everywhere. No! They are combined with peanuts to add taste and energy. Now, nothing can go wrong anymore - although we were always sure, that this would never happen. 

Choco Rice Crisp pyramids!

To present those choco rice crisps properly, you have to built huge pyramids. At least, that´s what we think. Try doing this, but take care, that nobody will disturb you while building. Otherwise you won't be a successfull constructor. Otherwise, you´ll make history!