In contrast to coffee, the Coffee Gum Beans will fit every pocket. However, like good coffee, they have an exquisite aroma.
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Coffee that fits your pocket: Coffee Bean Gums!

These coffee bean gums fit your pocket - without side effects. However, with their elegant appearance, they will suit your coffee table just as well. Available in three colours with actually corresponding flavours. Perfect!

Precious handy little wake-me-ups: Coffee Bean Gums!

These coffee bean gums are a special treat. They look posh, taste accordingly - and contain real coffee, including coffeine. That's good to know, but basically, it means you can enjoy them just like a good cup of coffee. Can you smell it, yet? Yummy.

Come to our coffee gum bean party!

While that might sound like an odd invitation to you, it sums up these gums nicely. They suit every coffee table, will work well on delicious cakes, and will assure happy hosts and guests alike!