The crispy BBQ Corn Snacks are a revelation regarding snacks. Crusty baken tiny squares with smoky and spicy BBQ aroma.
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Corn, sunflower oil, salt, flavour, maltodextrin of maize, flavour enhancers ( Monosodium glutamate, E635), smoke flavour, acidifier (citric acid). May contain traces of MILK


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


The crispy BBQ corn snack with crusty squares!

All corn snacks share this feature: their distinctively spicy taste. You'll meet the most different forms: tiny baked triangles, little tubulas and here the crusty squares. Squares make you enjoy the distinctive BBQ taste in a most crusty way.

The crispy BBQ corn snacks cheer you up!

High spirits guaranteed! Due to their perfect form, we set about stacking towers out of the crispy BBQ corn snacks. We managed stacking up to 20 snacks. Could we reach new heights with a little practice? If we only had managed NOT to eat them before... too difficult.

Infinitely multifaceted - the BBQ corn snacks

The huge potential of these crispy BBQ corn snacks: either enjoy them as they are, or enhance your culinary art creatively! Simply crumble them and coat your meat or vegetables with the BBQ-corn snacks instead of bread crumbs or corn flakes. Can't beat it!