CORN MIX sample
Diversified mix of corn balls and crunchy broad beans as crispy-spicy corn Snack mix with soy, chilli spice and savory spice mixture.
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CORN, CORN balls (grits, rice, sugar), BROADBEAN, palm oil, salt, chili seasoning (maltodextrin, salt, flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat, disodium), sunflower oil. May contain traces of SOY.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Tasty chilli rice crackers combined with crispy beans

Airy chilli rice crackers, crunchy beans, and whole spiced with a piquant recipe. The Corn Balls crack wonderfully pleasant in the mouth and the beans are a wonderful opponent with its fine consistency and with the spicy coating of finely tuned spices that surrounds them. An eerie interesting snack mix that instantly stands out due to its witty shape beautiful for the eye, that invites you to have it. With the CORN MIX, we have succeeded a varied and creative mix of form, texture and flavour. Dive into an incomparable crispy mouth feel with our chilli corn Cracker.

Finally a snack mix that it's already makes real fun at first sight instantly.

Small, crispy rice balls bouncing in good company with crunchy beans rolled in spicy seasoning blending mix and waiting already to be stacked with desire. Controlled snacking? Wrong! Anyone who has tried this mixture once it is forfeited forever. Because it is perfectly apart from other snack mixes, CORN MIX is not only a quick snack affair, but a long lasting partner, that fixes firmly in your pleasure center.

The chilli Rice Crackers - something completely different!

The CORN MIX is our recommendation for a wonderfully lightweight Snack, for all the moments of the life, where it matters, conscious losing a bit of the grip on the reality and to bring a little diversion in our lives! The wonderfully easy light corn balls in the great yellow-orange instantly will carry you into the higher spheres because they melt so easily - puffed on your tongue. Crispy wrapped in delicious seasoning blend mixture, the beans with their mildly spicy texture are the balancing components of this refined compiled mix and are just pure fun because they are a simply outstanding match to the corn balls and it really tastes great.