Crispy baked corn kernels lightly salted.
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Corn, sunflower oil, salt


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


The refined alternative to popcorn

Maize has been cultivated for ever in our latitudes and cultivated as a crop, which may be taught by now of something else. As researchers concluded in the meantime, the corn plant is native to Mexico, where it was already cultivated 1200 years earlier than previously thought. Stemming from a type of grass, which is also in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the corn was, as we know it today, already grown there from over 8700 years. From Panama and from there to South America, the corn came through Christophor Columbus to Europe. This magnificent plant produces golden yellow grains that impose thanks to our gentle hands as an excellent alternative to popcorn as a snack. With a little spice you will love this exciting corn snack immediately after the first bite and will go directly into your heart, because it is different than all the previously known snacks, yet so well known in the taste that you will never relinquish again on these fancy yellow corn grains. Try these unusually smart golden nibbles serve them with a real success as the new star on the sky snack.

Corn kernels surprisingly different

If your corn kernels are so far only as corn cobs from the grill, as popped popcorn or just came out of the can, now you will be very surprised if you try our CORN SNACK feeling it on the tongue and the small grains between your teeth. The delicious taste of freshly harvested corn, fine roasted aroma and refined with salt is a crispy-crunchy palate. The flavours of the corn that would otherwise prevail only with fresh corn are highlighted beautifully by the gentle roasting and yet perfectly supported by the balanced spiciness at the end. For all these corn lovers the delicious alternative to all previously known Nibbles is a must, because it extends the range of snack to a quite extraordinary delicious snack and your taste buds brings will be delighted.

Taste innovation into golden shell

If you belive that you allread tried all snacks and salt nibbles in the world, then you will be surprized because these corn you have never tried it before. A bright fresh corn on the cob that had the pleasure to experience a gentle gentle roasting to bundle its fine flavour and thus may bring more to bear, then seasoned and flavoured gently - is definitely a treat hype, which you should not lose it , it will delight your senses with this golden deliciousness. The simpicity is, as you know, always something special. That is why we have the corn kernels simply left as they are and only highlighted their aroma. Enjoy some of these little crispy aroma bunch in society or nibble them alone. If you're in a good mood don't wipe it from your face, and shine when the sun is shining, and that's perfectness at its best! Yellow is the colour of light! So, let the light go in your snack and give our CORN SNACK a loving home!