Italian croutons with rosemary

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WHEAT flour, olive oil, vegetable oil, brewer?s yeast, rosemary, salt, MALT. Contains GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


Crispy croutons with Mediterranean rosemary

Wonderful full flavours, gentle virgin olive oil and delightfully aromatic rosemary. This Crunchy little delights reminds you of the Mediterranean landscapes and summery temperatures.

Fine taste of rosemary meets the crunchy croutons

CROSTINI ROSEMARY is tiny, tasty, a tribute to the summer-light cuisine of the Mediterranean Sea. If you close your eyes, you can taste the sea literally. Cross baked and flavoured with olive oil, the aromas of rosemary have the perfect opportunity to spread out their flavours perfectly. These round little croutons are the proof that the good flavours can only be perfectly presented using the finest ingredients and gentle way of preparation.

Spicy Mediterranean croutons with rosemary

Our CROSTINI ROSEMARY are flavoured with a pinch of salt, the best extra virgin olive oil and rosemary. The crisp formula of this small Crostinis melts directly in your mouth, after having revealed her secret crispiness. The small distinctive pieces that invite you to grab them with their unique taste and as pretty and decorative eye-catcher are never missing from every summer buffet. With every bite, more you feel the nostalgia for the sun, sea and after summery Mediterranean cuisine with light dishes.