Basil sticks with garlic

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WHEAT flour, olive oil, vegetable oil, brewer’s yeast, salt, MALT, basil (monosodium glutamate), garlic. Contain GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Crunchy Wheat sticks with the full aroma of Italian basil and some garlic

Bongiorno! A touch of Italy enchants, that instantly delights your senses with our crusty wheat stick. The aromatic basil in our CRUNCHY STICKS GENOVESE ensures the typical Italian style, which we all love so much. A crunchy piece of Bella Italia. Perfectly seasoned with the flavour of fresh, green basil and flavoured with a nice hint of garlic - Voila! All the passion of Italy in a small crusty wheat stick full of enjoyment, a little gigolo, flirting intensively with your palate.

Wheat sticks, refined and crisp with basil and a hint of garlic

For all lovers of classic green pesto, it was announced: the beloved flavour of fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic, there are now also available as a "to-go" version. Try our CRUNCHY STICKS GENOVESE the finest, crispy and spicy, quite excellent for your culinary Italian moment. This small and crunchy basil Sticks will conquer your heart immediately. With the best basil, these sticks are the gorgeous Mediterranean flavour, with garlic around off the whole taste from.

Crunchy Wheat sticks, Italian delight with basil and garlic

An elegant appearance and full taste. For this purpose, a warm breeze that blows in gently from the sea. Palms and oleanders, with gorgeous spring flowers, swaying in the wind, with a Campari with piece of ice floating, next to you. Then, your hand grasping suddenly into the void ... your bowl with CRUNCHY STICKS GENOVESE is empty. A nightmare, isn't it? No, not really.The sea was just a dream, but the CRUNCHY GENOVESE STICKS are real, and still next to you on your towel. The sun is shining, your friends are from a long time in the lake. You grab two or three pieces, then you run off and also throw yourself into the cool waters.