Mini-breadsticks of crispy wheat dough sticks with salami, ham and pizza taste. With tomatoes, cheese and herbs. Refined with brewer's yeast and malt.

Glas (Eckig) 35g

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Glas (Rund) 35g

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ZIP-Beutel 200g

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bulk 5,5kg

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ALU-Dose 35g

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PET-Dose 30g

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box 35g

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composite can small 35g

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composite can large 250g

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WHEAT flour, olive oil 12%, vegetable oil, yeast, salt, malt, 2.4% tomato, cheese 0.9%, 0.8% herbs. May contain traces of SESAME, glutamate, PEANUTS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


Crunchy little wheat Sticks with a Mediterranean pizza seasoning

What would Italy be without its famous Pizza Napoli? Simple, high-quality, thoroughly honest ingredients make of a little dough and tomato, combined with spices from the region like oregano and basil a classic of Italian cuisine. Based on this delicacy, we have our CRUNCHY NAPOLETAN STICKS created. Tasty pizza seasoning and from these small nibbles will find a snack with very great taste. The whole to conclude with a drizzle of olive oil and a touch of refined cheeses and the crispy wheat sticks have everything what an ideal snack needs.

Short wheat sticks with tasty pizza seasoning

Our snacks in miniature form with the delicious taste of Italian Pizza, is a wonderful solo entertainer, the baked crisp and crunchy and with the full flavour, each moment is maintained excellently.

Small wheat sticks with pizza spices

The flavour of aromatic tomato, cheese, and subtle Mediterranean spices, carefully selected with a delightful enjoyment, for each pizza lover. In this snack, we have resorted to original Italian recipes to capture the original flavour of Italy. Our CRUNCHY NAPOLETAN STICKS are proud Italians who prescribed for you, your special pleasure moments.