Roasted almonds with rose petals
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ALMOND, sugar, honey, rose leaves, sea salt. May contain traces of PEANUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0031


Roasted almonds with a pinch of romance: Honey Rose Almonds

These roasted almonds are NOT just your average roasted nuts - during caramelization, rose petals were added. As a result, the almonds shimmer in discreet pink, and the petals further refine the already classic combination of honey and almond.

Edible Petals: a great combination!

Usually, edible flower petals - and that's what rose petals are - are used as decorative element or in salads. Here, finest rose petals are hashed and roasted with honey, sugar, salt, and, of course, almonds. The result is a delicate rose flavour that harmonizes perfectly with the sweet honey and crisp almonds.

Beautiful like a flower, the Honey Rose Almonds

Roses have been very symbolic flowers for a long time. Every kind and colour has its own meaning and special occasion. In this case, red and pink rose petals have been used, representing gratitude, respect, or even love and romance. In other words, these almonds are a perfect little present for someone special.