Nut kernel mix with rice crackers

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PEANUT, vegetable oil, rice, salt, SOY SAUCE, malt syrup, maltodextrin, starch, sugar, chili, seaweed, WHEAT, garlic, onion, Colours: caramel, allura, yellow-orange S, Cochenillerot A, tartrazine, capsanthinc, flavor enhancer: disodium guanylate, disodium, vitamin E. May contain traces of SESAME and NUTS. May affect activity and attention in children.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Maybe a little more?

The strengthened version of our HOUSE BLEND snack mix. For all, which is not yet our popular and enough proven house mix special, we have this mixture added fiery, crunchy Chili cracker. Together with the perfectly salted peanuts and on traditional Japanese style in the form of delicious rice crackers, the crispy Chili ravioli are a perfect compliment to which we are rightly proud. The already well-balanced mixture is for Chili lovers, an extremely interesting snack experience.

Fiery variation of Chili crackers, salted peanuts and sweet-savory rice crackers

Salty, sweet and spicy, sounds like the perfect mix ratio for a favourite snack! When peanuts, crackers come in the form of ravioli and Japanese rice crackers, water will flow in your mouth like in a fountain. As any other snack mixed well, we have been inspired by classic, salted peanut mixes and found this: there is even more. But not too much. Give the exact mixing ratio of salty, spicy and subtle sweetness. Here, each component has its own strength, which is supported by the fact that pushing the respective flavours each individual and do not overlap.

Our house blend, fiery spiced

A blast for Chili fans: with crisp, juicy Chili ravioli in its interior - similar to an oyster - is a delicious peanut pearl waiting to be discovered. The salty peanuts and highly decorative rice crackers in a flower shape round the appearance of this more than successful snacks completely. Situated in the office, for example, you are guaranteed to the magical attraction of colleagues and clients. Who has it once, do not get enough of it. With the BLEND HOT as a party snack you get within a very short time on the mood. As a gift, in conjunction with a good bottle of red wine, chic packed into one of our glasses or aluminum cans, you will definitely bring joy and will prove your taste.