Fried ricecracker with Chili and soy sauce
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45,3 % Rice, 32,0 % Sunflower oil, 12,0 % Sugar, 5,4 % Tapioca starch, 3,1 % Soy sauce(water, SOY, WHEAT, salt), 0,8 % Salt, 0,7 % Garlic powder, 0,3 % Maltodextrin, 0,3 % Colour: E160c, <0,1 % Capsicum extract, <0,1 % Liquorice powder, <0,1 Flavour enhancer (E631, E627). May contain traces of GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Light airy snack seasoned with spicy, pungent touch

Best rice, tasty chilli seasoning and original Japanese soy sauce go a perfectly matched connection with each other. Gently puffed, then coated with chilli and soy sauce, our Hotrice Cracker becomes a fiery taste experience that makes the tongue dance.

Air and fire - A snack of real elements

The Hot Rice Crackers are the perfect companion at the office. The overwhelming meetings are transformed in an instant, and the strenuous meetings are turned into an inspiring get-together session filled with innovating ideas.

Brings life into your palate and joy on your tongue

Your Colleagues and friends will love it! Just put the big pack on the table and watch what happens. Bingo is out - Cracker-into-the-mouth-flick is IN! Just try it out - all will be delighted by this delicious snack.