Peanuts in a wheat pastry crust with crispy wheat sticks, tasty puffed rice crackers, crispy chickpeas and lentils covered with curry and chilli.
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PEANUT, rice, WHEAT, lentil, palm oil, chickPEAS, CORN, potato, salt, sugar, EGG, spice, SULFITES, SOY SAUCE, chili, curry, coloring: caramel, flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat. May contain traces of coriander and sulfur dioxide, GLUTEN, SOY, SESAME, NUTS, MILK and MILK products contain.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


The best fall day ever

Intense taste with crunchy peanuts and chickpeas, crispy wheat sticks, tasty puffed rice cracker and intensely coloured green lentils, encased by Indian curry and a hint of chilli. A beautiful sight for lovers of exotic Cracker & nut mixes with Indian touch. Leaves in all possible shades of yellow gold that you can ever imagine. A still warming summer wind that gently blows through the trees. A warm, sunny day in late autumn perfect was the inspiration for our grandiose INDIAN SUMMER Mix. A mixture of carefully selected ingredients, with crunchy peanuts and chickpeas, crispy wheat sticks, tasty puffed rice cracker and intensely coloured green lentils with a hint of chilli, which gives the phenomenon of leaf discolouration in the North American fall, flavourful with a very nice aspect.

Our INDIAN SUMMER - the perfect culinary interpretation of a sun-drenched late autumn day

With our INDIAN SUMMER pleasure mix, you dive optically in the diversity of our worlds number one enjoyment. The crunchy peanuts and chickpeas correspond beautifully with crunchy wheat sticks. Refined we have to our delicious flavoured puffed rice cracker and intensely coloured green lentils combined and all finished with a hint of understated chilli. Perfecting this mixture is above all these fine ingredients, a fine powder puff from Curry Sheet, which gives the whole exotic finishing touches. One autumn day for your palate.

All the colourful autumn nature, captured in our INDIAN SUMMER

Golden yellow shades, the still warm autumn sun on your face, the rustle of colourful leaves in the breeze. Let yourself taken away for a walk and enjoy the freedom, and the sunny day in late autumn when enjoying our perfectly tuned INDIAN SUMMER Mix. A taste that immediately spreads into your mouth - the curry touch of puffed rice cracker, the exotic spice of wheat sticks, that nutty mild of peanuts and the gentle crackling of green lentils. No matter how your day was, enjoy this unique flavour components and you'll remember this nibbler mixture will immediately make you happy and satisfied!