Selected Argentine Katjang peanuts, crispy roasted with savory spice Korma Curry Sauce. A nutty peanut snack with an exotic flavour.

Glas (Eckig) 75g

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Glas (Rund) 75g

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ZIP-Beutel 400g

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bulk 6kg

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ALU-Dose 75g

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PET-Dose 80g

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box 75g

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composite can small 75g

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composite can large 600g

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PEANUT, WHEAT, salt, vegetable oil (SOY), EGG, curry, spices, sugar, SULFITES, CORN. May contain traces of coriander and sulfur dioxide.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Peanut specialty with a shell of splendid curry spices

If our finest Argentinian peanuts form a connection with refined Indian Korma Curry Sauce, a very exotic-looking and very delicate peanut specialty is what it happens. The popular fruit pods can be combined with so many spices and never loses the popular nutty character. This trait makes the peanut to the popular goodies around the world, and for us to a wonderful snack component. Peanut snack flavoured with a touch of curry.

Focused on the essentials!

Focusing on the outstanding taste, we have mixed our high-quality peanuts with the amazing Korma sauce. An exciting mix of Indian flavours with gently roasted peanuts is the classic snack. With the spicy korma curry sauce, our peanuts received a stimulating and extremely tasty finish that they already totally inspire you while tasting the first nut.

Refines the popular peanut with Indian curry sauce

Peanuts have always been one of the most popular snacks around the globe. Their unique taste is unmistakable. The special peanut flavour is wonderfully intense. Without covering this delightful flavour too much, we have the peanuts with the wonderful Indian curry note placed as the "cherry from the top of the cake". Be open to this refined, Asian touch. Enjoy this delicious nut mix with a glass of beer after work, or simply as a small snack between meals if you are in the mood for a fancy snack.