flavourful Popcorn with a Caribbean flair and slight caramel flavour. Refined with thyme, oregano, paprika, pepper and light garlic touch.

bulk 2,4kg

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ZIP-Beutel 200g

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composite can large 150g

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CORN, sugar, vegetable oil, CORN syrup powder, pure vegetable fat,common garlic/paprika/onion/tomato powder, salt, spices, emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, food colorings:E160a, stabilizer: cream of tartar. May contain traces of NUTS, PEANUTS, other NUTS, MILK, CORN GLUTEN and SOY.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1904 1010


Popcorn with piquant spice notes and a hint of caramel

The high-quality Spices for our MAGIC CARIBBEAN Popcorn is gently heated first in a complex process, only then the little yellow corn kernels are added in premium quality. The golden yellow corn grains contain moisture and strength. then escapes the humidity at about 200 degrees, the pressure brings the corn kernel to burst. The strength comes out and hardens as delightfully frothy mass. The wonderful mixture of oregano and thyme and garlic and sugar caramel coat the puffed surface gorgeous with all its flavours. To top off the aufgepoppten grains will be awarded with a pinch of pepper the final touch. A delightfully piquant Nascherei who can convince even with its beautiful flowing fragrance itself.

Popcorn arouses the summer feeling

Grains which are refined wonderfully over high heat and learn with and in harmony with each other spices a whole new flavour concept. These are our MAGIC CARIBBEAN with their very special flavour. A harmonious balance of spices such as oregano, thyme and garlic, finely tuned with a pinch of pepper. The sweet taste of the caramel base obtained from these high quality spice mix a very intense touch and gives this popcorn a gorgeous Caribbean flair with a touch Sommerfeeling.