Exceptional snack mix with savory spiced popcorn and the classical Nibbler like pretzel sticks, salted pretzels and wheat crackers with poppy seeds.
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WHEAT FLOUR, CORN, vegetable oil and fat, Maissirupulver, salt, barley malt extract, glucose -fructose syrup, WHEY powder, poppy SEEDS, sugar, SESAME, emulsifier: E471, E322 SOY LECITHIN, WHEAT STARCH, yeast, acidity regulator: E524, BUTTER MILK POWDER, garlic / peppers / onion / tomato powder, spices, coloring: E160a, stabilizer : E334 Weinstein. May contain traces of MILK, GLUTEN, PEANUTS and other NUTS included .


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1904 1010


Salty pastries meets the spicy popcorn

A spicy yet sweetish snacking promises our MAGIC COCKTAIL MIX. The small popcorn clouds, which are coated with a fine touch of Mediterranean spices, ensures a light and airy appearance and fresh look of this extraordinary nibbles mix. The popular pretzels and small waved salt sticks join perfectly around it, as well as the pretty saltine crackers in the playing cards colour diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades and the crisp, refined with poppy around the crackers. An Exceptionally tasty snack, which should not be missed! Spicy and sweet at the same time.

The classic meets the ?Modern Snack'?

At first sight, it's unusual, but when you try it is instantly convincing: the facets in our MAGIC COCKTAIL MIX could not be more than that. Crispy salted biscuits, classics like pretzels, small pretzel sticks, and delicious salty crackers are transformed in a pretty, perfectly spiced sweet-Mediterranean Popcorn, in an individual and exceptional mix of taste, is convinced immediately and unsurpassed in its optics. All the classics, which are united in this snack, so come to the fore because they created new and compiled, wonderful sensation as they are. Enjoy this mix whenever you want to add variety to your life and let yourself be inspired by the delicious light popcorn - that's the lightness of being!

The crispy salty, meets the ?Sweet?