This spice popcorn is simply Magic! With Indian spices with curry and a slight sharpness, this popcorn is an absolute taste sensation.

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CORN, sugar, vegetable oil, CORN syrup powder, pure vegetable fat,common flour of MUSTARD, dextrose, salt, spices, emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, food colorings: E160astabilizer: cream of tartar. May contain traces of NUTS, PEANUTS, other NUTS, MILK, CORN GLUTEN and SOY.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1904 1010


Deliciously sweet with a touch of exoticism

Presumably kept the popcorn, as it is known today, in the year 1977 entered for the first time in German cinemas. Since then, the cracking corn grain, the classical sweet and salty is also available for several years and of course indispensable for true cinephiles. From the hard, yellow grain mixed with a little oil and with the addition of the heat is a little white and fluffy delicacy cracking out, something that inspires all the big and the small sweet tooth for decades. Since the classical popcorn with salt or sugar seems to be too boring on the long run, we have experimented with some of our favourite spices. With MAGIC INDIAN SPICE a delightful combination of sweet and slightly spicy, that we managed to ensure the golden yellow of the curry for all the ?magic moments? we live.

Light pungent and crispy-sweet

Without a bag of scented popcorn - that's no movie time! This sweet or savory classic is for the most a "must have"! Like real popcorn fans we have, we began on the search for new taste ideas. The somewhat dusty, sweetened or classically salted cracked corn snack, we have beefeded up with a slightly spicy curry. Since we got the sugar-sweet base flavour, like magic the popcorn snack was created. Enjoy our golden MAGIC INDIAN SPICE in an entirely new flavour, which are like a great delight in this completely new flavour.

Iconic popcorn with fresh new flavours

The most of the people have in common, like our sweet memories from childhood, something about their parents filling a pot with a little oil and throwing there some golden corn to boil until it popps out. After what it felts like an eternity, from a child's perspective, we heard at last the long-awaited loud popping inside the pot. Once the popping has started, there was no way stopping them. The lid was wide opened and the gorgeous white and fluffy popcorn bounced one to each other in the air, making you feel the unmistakable wonderful smell. But in this childhood memory, we swoop the sugar or salt with our great MAGIC INDIAN SPICE, the choice of our actual life, taking you away with a subtly spicy curry touch in exotic climes. The slight sweetness that surrounds our Popcorn kidnapped you nostalgically back to the stove in the kitchen from childhood. Enjoy it - you'll be amazed!