Mini ricecracker with Chili and soy sauce
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Rice 41%, sunflower oil, sugar, tapioca starch, soy sauce (water, soy beans, salt, wheat), salt, garlic powder, colour (paprika extract), maltodextrin, capsicum extract, liquorice powder, flavour enhancers (guanosine monophosphate, disodium inosinate). May contain traces of GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Small but "oho"

The Japanese cuisine will surprise us again and again by its variety of flavours and cooking methods.A very special culinary delight are the flavour compositions of our rice crackers. Here at MINI HOTRICE CRACKER which are coated in fiery chilli and classic Japanese Soy Sauce.To create an absolutely premium snack from a few simple ingredients, is our master specialty.Our MINI HOT RICE CRACKER has a significant role in the haven of tastes, it is something that will drag you in instantly.

The little sister's which won't give up due to their big brother.

The best rice, chilli and originally Japanese Soy Sauce blend to a perfect lesson on tastes together. Gently cluttered and thencoated with chilli and soy sauce, our MINI HOT RICE CRACKER become a fiery taste experience, which makes the tongue tickle again after every bite.Even if your something smaller than your big brother, the HOTRICE CRACKER refinement of MINI HOTRICE CRACKER will fill the smaller space, as same as the bigger one.

It brings you life into your mouth and a lot's of fun on your tongue.

MINI HOTRICE CRACKER are the perfect companion at the office. The overwhelming meetings are transformed in an instant, and the strenuous meetings are turned into an inspiring get-together session filled with innovating ideas.