Nut kernel mix & fruit mix

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Cashew, ALMONDs, blueberry, cranberry, sunflower oil (non-hydrogenated), sugar. May contain traces of nuts.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 4095


Delicious beyond words

Fabulously full fruit flavour of blueberries and cranberries in direct interplay of sweet almonds and creamy mild cashews makes your heart beat instantly higher. Baffle filled with vitamins, the blueberry is the queen of antioxidant fruits. The deep red cranberry is the blueberry comes to energy efficiency by no means. Their high content of minerals makes them doubly sypmathisch. This fruity components complement the subtle, slightly sweet cashews that count on one hand to the relatively low fat nut kernels, on the other but with a lot of protein and magnesium can score. To complete the quartet of our NATURAL BLEND, we opted for the nutrient-retaining nut at all. One serving of almonds is rich in flavonoids and one of the best sources of vitamin E, magnesium and protein.

Your tasty vitamin source in between the meals

As a mood enhancer, if your mood even in the basement, or where the cravings dramatically expresses your energy curve down. Rasche and especially healthy remedy we have at hand here for you: the NATURAL BLEND is a compilation of creamy nutty cashews, sweet peeled almonds, aromatic sweet blueberries and sweet-tart cranberries. A very wonderful compilation, because this compilation of Nut & Fruit is extremely mild, free of bitterness and therefore especially suitable for all those who appreciate sweet flavours, but on full flavour not want to miss.

Healthy and happy

If you are one of those people, often circling their thoughts about good and healthy food, we would like you put our NATURAL BLEND in any case his heart. To you agree perfectly on the day, a fortifying breakfast is very important, for example. Vitamin sources, like the racy Blueberry and Cranberry bittersweet fit together with cashew nuts and almonds perfectly in a fresh granola that you make with oatmeal or pseudo cereal with fresh milk, the optimal basis for an energetic day. But in between as a snack You'll be surprised again and again how to match the concentrated fruit sweetness of the fruit with the tart creaminess of nuts.