NORI MIX sample
The NORI MIX is a classic premium snack mix of Japanese rice crackers and peanuts with original Japanese Soy Sauce and genuine freshwater seaweed
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Rice, PEANUTS, sugar, WHEAT, SOY SAUCE, SESAME, tapioca, seaweed, palm oil, salt, chili, colors: caramelc, Carmine, chlorophylls, capsanthinb, capsanthinc.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


The healthy snack mix with Japanese rice crackers and spicy blended peanuts

"Nori is the generic term for a variety of seaweed. The fresh water of the rivers, where these algae thrive particularly well, gives the Nori a mild flavour. In Western countries we know Nori mainly by the popular and healthy sushi rolls, which are traditionally wrapped with it. These delicious and decorative appetizers we took for our NORI MIX as a model, creating one of the most extraordinary rice cracker snacks in combination with peanuts, soya beans and glutinous rice.

Excellent mixture of rice crackers and wrapped peanuts

The fine-spicy aroma of Japanese soy sauce, which gently wraps itself around the individual small rice crackers, harmonizes perfectly with the crispy coat enveloping the peanuts and the contemplative sesame-studded glutinous rice crackers. The visually striking shape, and interesting colour and texture variety will seduce you immediately. Here, you can find a particularly unusual blend premium Snack mix which should be in every bar. A very special crunchy pleasure.

Crunchy delicates, slightly sweet and spicy

This small rice crackers are not only an eye-catcher, but rather a snack highlight, it can easly pass a hardly gourmet snack.Earthy Tones, the contemplative forms - some of them inspired by the classic sushi - it will make you want for a power supply of Asian Art at any time of the day or night. Either for beer - we recommend the classic "Asahi" - or a warm cup of green tea - the way you like, flavour and healthy condition. This mixture is easily combined with the feeling of having you done something for the body and mind. After all, the cute rice cracker snacks are baked traditionally in our NORI MIX without fat.