Sweet pepper vegetable chips
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39.4% green bell pepper, 26.3% red bell pepper, 21.9% yellow bell pepper, palm oil, dextrin, salt. May contain traces of NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 5091


The striking flavour of sweet pepper is definitely worth a try!

The snack for in between: crispy roasted sweet pepper pieces. A whole new pepper experience awaits you!

Sweet pepper vegetable chips: a whole new experience

We admit it: we should have invented these sweet pepper vegetable chips a long time ago - simply because they are THE alternative to boring paprika chips! Because they embody the intensely taste of sweet pepper, because they come in red, yellow and green and because they are a welcome change to the dreary world of day-to-day snacks.

Sweet pepper - experience the diversity!

By the way: while the culinary arts might call them pepper pods, in botanical terms the pepper is actually a berry. Whether despite this or perhaps because of it - it's an extremely versatile fruit with so many varieties to offer your palate. That's certainly one reason why sweet peppers are so popular. And this new variant has what it takes to become another new favourite!