Crunchy peanuts in shell with barbecue flavour
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PEANUTS (37,09%), corn starch, WHEAT flour, sugar, BBQ seasoning (sugar, yeast extract, salt, flavour, tomato powder, onion powder, black pepper powder, acidity regulators: malic acid, sodium acetate, ethanoic acid, citric acid, garlic powder, leek powder, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide, sunflower oil, smoke flavor) (7%), palm oil (RSPO: MB), salt, antioxidant(s): tocopherol.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Coated peanuts with delicious spicy-smoky BBQ-flavour

Nestled in a mantle with a matchless spicy smoky taste of BBQ sauce, our phenomenal crunchy peanuts are eagerly waiting to be discovered out by yourself, to be able to show beside the savory as its mild nutty page can. These tiny delights get the fun on your taste buds. Unlike the classic Italian ravioli, our “pasta” is in fact properly al dente. Crisp, crunchy, tasty. In this way can get the perfect nut snack you can imagine.

Gorgeous dough-coated peanuts, in smoky BBQ-Style

Judging by the taste, get our little naughty RAVIOLI BBQ directly from the Texas Smoker to your taste buds to capture and to stimulate them fully. Our crunchy peanuts are high quality chosen walnut kernels, which carefully roasted inside its crispy and spicy dough casing, hide their secret and wonderful nutty taste.We know how very well how to protect our flavours. A gorgeous and amusing simple snack that every nibble fan is always fascinated by it all over again.

Peanuts, in Western Style

The enjoyable spicy flavour of our RAVIOLI BBQ invites you to chill out in pleasant temperatures on the front porch of “your” house in the remote farmers Texas - a romantic sunset included. The burgers, spare ribs and corncobs are roasting slowly on the BBQ to that perfect cooking point and then pops already the first bottle of beer. Before enjoying the meat, reach your hand several times in the snack pack, which is next to your comfy rocking chair: the awesome spicy, sweet flavour of Texas-inspired, small ravioli you can't resist. You hear fine beats that your jaw makes while grinding our delicacy and you know: here and now you are exactly right!