Roasted and salted broad beans

ALU can 65g

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bulk 8,5kg

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PET jar 65g

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glass edged 65g

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glass round 65g

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composite can small 65g

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box 65g

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ZIP bag 350g

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83% whole BROADBEANS, palm oil, 1% salt.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Sporty beans!

These beans are an unexpendable companion for those who want to eat healthily. Beans contain large amounts of valuable protein, making it the perfect healthy roasted and salted snack for in between.

Roasted and salted: the means of beans!

Soy beans deliver. They deliver more fiber than any other bean. Besides, they are said to have the capability of reducing free radicals, thus protecting our genetic material. And they are rich in the important folic acid. We think it's simply amazing, how healthy can be so delicious!

Big plus: big beans are really tasty!

Having mentioned so many good things so far, you are probably waiting for the catch at the end, but you can ease your mind: there is none! Except for maybe one thing: since they are incredibly tasty, you will get used to them faster than you might imagine! The good news is: don't worry, there is plenty of it.