Roasted corn with spicy peanut mix
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PEANUT, corn, WHEAT, vegetable oil, palm oil, mod. Cornstarch, pepper, salt. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, MILK, SESAME and other NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


From mild to hot into four variants of Snack

Our gold pieces shine with the sun together into a race! With our SPICY CORN & PEANUTS, you have four golden gems in an extremely spicy with under slightly sharp and crisp snack combination. The spicy, mild peanuts exude typical flavour to already from hand to mouth. Small but pretty underestimate and no roll the little wheat balls, tightened with subtle chilli spice in your mouth. These two snacks our unspeakably crunchy beans join to complete with their roasted shell in style "hot" and by the Quartet, the crispy yellow grains which were sprinkled on her pretty body the perfect chilli hotness and thus even an ordinary shovel care intensity it lay, sometimes for correct alarm in your throat.

A must for every chilli fan

SPICY CORN & PEANUTS is our well-designed, stricter Knabber snack which a heated you neat and really fun. With these four components, you have the opportunity to determine the degree of severity of your favourite snacks themselves. This is very simple. You start relatively harmless to the mild, nutty peanuts of first class quality. With fine salt grade, these nuts are fantastic in combination with the somewhat hotter broad beans, put the fantastic walnut flavour of the day, what does it matter that we have them roasted and carefully powdered over with a slight sharpness. The small, almost inconspicuous golden wheat balls, still put a few degrees of sharpness and the kingdom of heaven of every sharpness Junkies culminates in the fiendishly sharp, also roasted corn kernels, which will bring your taste buds flowing.

Flotter Vierer mit ordentlich Bums

If you are looking for a salty snack, which has in addition rather a pleasant sharpness to offer, it is brimming with flavours and interesting ingredients, then you are exactly right with SPICY CORN & PEANUTS. Peanuts, so delicate and nutty, with a fine salt grade, bring your fine side for blades. With the pretty, tighter wheat balls you ever walk into then a new snack area, exactly as with the savory, crunchy chillie Broad Beans. Threesomes, which is now still be upgraded through massive roasted chilli corn kernels. Try this anything unusual new snack items that a few small drops of sweat on his forehead worry you, but will score as properly with creativity, fun and innovation in your wellness area. Let them into your life and try it with friends and increase the degree of severity depending on how much you have of what sort just in the mouth. But caution: sharp!