STOP & GO MIX sample
Wasabi peanuts in a red and green crispy ravioli shell
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PEANUT, WHEAT, sugar, Corn starch, Corn flour, Palm oil (RSPO SG), Salt, SOY sauce powder (WHEAT, SOYBEAN, dextrin, salt, koji, colouring (caramelc)), Seasoning (dextrin, thickener (arabic gum), MUSTARD flavour, palm oil, anti-oxidant ( carnosic)), Raising agent (sodium), Potato starch, Flavour enhancer (Disodium 5´-ribonucleotide), Food acid (citric acid), Colouring (chlorophyllin), Wasabi, Horseradish. May contain traces of GLUTEN, and other NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Ravioli with spicy wasabi crust and peanut kernel

The outstandingly sharp Japanese wasabi, which gives our delicious red and green ravioli a breathtaking flavour is a weapon of, for which there is no gun license! Wasabi “newbies” should approach with respect to this sharp delight: the taste rises immediately from the nose into the throat and prepares there quickly in his gloriously fromUnlike chilli or pepper, which burns immediately on the tongue, you can feel in this Japanese horseradish immediately its beneficial mustard oils. And exactly this wonderfully crisp taste experience makes our STOP & GO MIX simply incomparable and real wasabi fans so enloved: pleasant sharpness, a crusty exterior and fine peanut kernel inside the crunchy shell.

Hidden peanuts in a Wasabi-Ravioli crust

As soon as it occurs, it will disappear again: the Wasabi fans loves the sharpness that quickly and violently conquered your nose and your throat and then flattens out very gently again. In the form of ravioli, the flavoured crispy wheat dough was topped with lots of wasabi. We have designed our Stop & Go MIX a spicy snack in green and red, which will ensure true enthusiasm of your taste buds. The nutty core which is hidden inside the ravioli, the nutty gentle mystery that combines wonderfully with the wasabi flavour and draws you into its spell from taste and emotion.

Decide yourself- boredom or taste ?

The fresh sharpness of this small green and red ravioli are a real eye-catcher: the era of boring snacks is finally over. With the Stop & Go MIX, a fresh wind feeds in one of your nostrils and in your throat! Either you stay here or you go! If you decide to go for, you'll, unfortunately, left behind the quite boring snack area. If you decide, however, to stay, you will take the spicy pungency of wasabi and do nothing but completely crazy things with your taste buds - you will not regret it! Try our delightful red and green wasabi ravioli with delicious roasted peanut kernel - the senses sharpened in such a way you can make it happen easily ...