Fruit & Nut noble mixture with pistachio, cashew, strawberry, cranberry, hazelnut, almond, brazilnut, walnut & pecan
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Pistachio, CASHEW, strawberry, sugar, cranberries, sugar, HAZELNUTnut, ALMOND, BRAZIL NUT, WALNUT, PECAN, sunflower oil, citric acid, flavoring, coloring: Carmine, SULFUR DIOXIDE. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SESAME, SOY, PEANUTS, NUTS, MILK and dairy products.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 4095


Delight the palate and the senses

The perfect blend of high-quality nuts and delicious fruits you can find in our SUPREME BLEND who steals every classic trail mix the show! In earlier times, the mixture of walnut and fruit was very expensive and was therefore reserved only for the wealthy, so students or pastors. Already at these times was well known that nuts are a wonderful comfort food, because the valuable unsaturated fatty acids provide a smoother communication between nerve cells. One thing is certain, our interpretation of the former trail mixes Messrs students should certainly have been more than impressed. The crispy roasted pistachios, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, walnut, pecan and almonds extend through their combination with the fruity strawberry and cranberries clearly the taste horizons and revitalize characterized not only the spirit!

Brain food with fruity surprise

Our SUPREME BLEND is the perfect power snack for all those who mentally to every day and physically challenging tasks set and therefore want to stock up with a healthy and delicious energy suppliers. Packed with vitamin B1 increase our roasted pistachios, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, walnut, pecan and almonds skillfully the energy of the brain cells, the increase in connection with our two surprisingly delicious strawberries and cranberries concentration and learning ability. The high content of healthy nutrients makes our SURPREME BLEND a delicious fruity mix that gives you the right time, the right amount of power and on top of that still tastes really great.

Fruity and nutty moments of flights guaranteed

Daily requirements in job and private life makes it not always possible to eat healthy and balanced. Our SUPREME BLEND we want to make in your work-life balance for a little compensation.Our delicious energy supplier who makes a cracking selection of the best nuts like pistachios, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, walnut, pecan and almonds already for moments of happiness, you will when you when snacking on the fruity-sweet Surprise! From this healthy and delicious Doping you will feel called directly to greater things and take off with this great diet at full throttle.Enjoy some quality this blend as a snack or as an ingredient in your muesli or your junket.