Ricecracker with seaweed
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WHEAT flour, 25% seaweed, modified tapioca starch, palm oil, EGG white powder, salt, sugar, garlic powder, pepper powder, flavour enhancer disodium guanylate, disodium.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

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A puffy specialty: rice cracker in Japanese

We prepared this rice crackers in a very special way that will leave you wanting more of Japanese exquisitness. Its fluffy inside and crispy cover made with Tempura, combined with seaweed, will take you on a direct journey to Japan. You can fly there later, enjoy them at home first!

Seaweed: a natural choice!

For many different cultures, seaweed has been an important source of nutrition for a long time. Japan, Korea, Peru, but also in Ireland and Canada people know about the special qualities of seaweed. It has a spicy and delicious taste and, in addition, is well-known for its high level of iodine and cadmium. Why not rely on the long experience of so many people?

Asian cuisine on the light side!

Our rice crackers with seaweed bring Asian cuisine to your home - it's that easy! The tempura dough makes the cracker fluffy and light. Spice up your salad sprinkling them over it, combine them with an Asian sauce to make a special starter, or simply enjoy them in the evening finishing off your day Asian-style. Enjoy!