This fluffy baked crackers from golden-yellow corn are deliciously crisp and taste of mature cheeses with slightly hot chilli touch.
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corn powder (55,04%), corn starch (36,69%), CHEESE seasoning (sour CREAM) (salt, sugar, tomato powder, CHEESE powder (Cheddar (CHEESE), palmoil, MILK protein, maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, flavour, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide, food acid: citric acid, corn protein), WHEY powder (MILK), onion powder, food acid: lactic acid, pepper powder, MILK powder, flavour, colorants: paprika extract, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide), palm oil (RSPO: MB), salt, red chili powder, food acid(s): citric acid.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


A very special attention for your taste buds

How little suns rays main TEX MEX MEXICANA contrary tempting. The magnificent corn flavour can only be guessed at first glance, the colour, however, speaks for full flavour and the feeling that you would enjoy a delicious Margerita and casually let this hand again slide into a bowl of crispy corn crackers under the sun of Mexico. Baked Corn Cracker, ultimate spicy, mild chile hotness and refined with a high-quality cheese grade care of for pleasure from the first piece. A great alternative to traditional potato chips and even a full snack which even can be pimped prima still with dips. The best of the Texas and northern Mexico's cuisine lovingly united in a golden corn crackers.

Perfect Crunch in Tex-Mex Style

Our rice crackers topped everything you've tried so far on corn cakes to date. We have an incomparably crispy-spicy snack surprise for your palate done, which is up for all the bad saltine crackers that you had to consume in the course of your life, to compensate. Racy and spicy, with lots of rhythm, vibrating circular. TEX MEX MEXICANA combines everything a good cracker must have: enough spice to be spicy, but not obtrusive. Mild sharpness and round crispy cracker crunches really perfectly between upper and lower jaw, that it sounds like music to your ears. And the best for last: a touch of cheese, then finally puts on our corn darlings the Sombrero.

Two countries, an impressive snack

TEX MEX MEXICANA, a name - a program. Passionate and charming. A round, golden rice crackers, which combines the effects of the US state of Texas to the northern part of Mexico's impressive. Just like the two cuisines of both countries, we kombininiert important characteristic individual elements such as corn, chilli and cheese and it creates a corn cracker are teeming with strength of character: chilli gives the snack a gentle severity level, cheese completes the overall picture fine now and the crunchy corn provides the best basis for hearty, crunchy and colourful snacking. Our Maisrcacker goes well with chilli con carne, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas or tacos. But also for the beer this small, round crackers is the first choice, the easy always fits.