Just what Tex-Mex Tortillas should be like: discreetly spicy, but crispy in order to combine them with various dips however your heart desires.
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Corn, vegetable palm fat, flavours (contain MILK), salt, flavour enhancers ( Monosodium glutamate, disodium, disodium guanylate), colourings (capsanthinc, bixin), acidifier (citric acid), antioxidant ( Alpha-tocopherol)


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


Tex-Mex Tortilla-Chips: just the best from Texas & Mexiko

Tortilla crisps clearly originate from the USA - influenced by Texan and Mexican kitchen, thus Tex-Mex. They are indispensable there today, and so they are here. Typical ingredients are chilli and hot spices, and often a variety of beans.

Concerning tortilla crisps, quality is everything!

Important facts: tortilla crisps are made of cornmeal, ideally fried tortillas. Otherwise, they couldn't be called tortilla crisps. Often, they are combined with dips - suddenly, they are nachos. Easy, isn't it?

Tex-Mex Tortillas make your imagination run wild!

Tex-Mex Tortilla Crisps warmly invite you to go on a journey. Add some Tex-Mex music, wear your cowboy hat - and you are prepared for your Tex-Mex party! Not in the mood for a party? They remain tasty all the same.