Don´t worry, the vegetables are coming! Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, taro, carrots and cucumber deep-fried and delicious!
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21.875% Sweet purple potato, 21.875% Sweet potato, 17.5% pumpkin, 8.75% taro, 8.75% carrot, 8.75% cucumber, 8% palm oil, 4.0% dextrin, 0.5% salt


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2005 9950


Vegetable Cubes - essentially delicious!

Don´t you worry, tasty vegetables are coming! Sweet potatoes, pumkins, taro, carrots and cucumber deep-fried and delicious! Even if you heard otherwise, you shouldn´t be frightened of vegetables - if you know how to handle them. If they are in the shape of Vegetable Cubes, they are entirely harmless. But tasty.

Vegetables alright - but what is taro?

The members of the Crackers Company are able to learn and enrichen their knowledge - and so can you! Taro are an essential part of those tasty vegetables, who are cultivated on the Malaiian Peninsula and need a huge amount of water. The rhizoms are being eaten, boild or roasted. Or deep-fried as in this case!

Happy vegetable stuffing!

To tell the truth, you can never have enough vegetables, this is what most people know.They are right, this is good for you. The taste of vegetables is also excellent - as proven by those vegetable cubes. Try them on their own. Add them to creamy soups. Crunch them while commuting. Have fun with them!