Spicy peanuts with kakinotane rice cracker and wheat sticks
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PEANUT SEEDS, rice, corn, rapeseed oil, WHEAT flour, potato starch, salt, SOY sauce, herbs, spices, capsanthin, antioxidant: E306, natural flavor, sugar, Tex Mex flavor, color: E160b (ii), E160c, acidity regulator: E330, modified tapioca starch , Garlic powder, chilli, stabilizer: E500i, coloring: E122. May have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children. May contain traces of MILK NUTS and SESAME.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2008 1191


Enjoy it, with a clear conscience

Our rice crackers have significantly fewer calories then, for example, the significantly fatty classic potato chips or similar snacks like peanut flips.repared without fat they are, therefore, also to enjoy with a clear conscience. The ASIA BLEND contains Kaki No Tane rice crackers, they have their origin in the country of the rising sun. In the meantime, the little crunchy snack pieces are very popular outside Japan.From a spicy crispy wrapped shell, the crunchy peanuts are salted discreetly with Kaki No Tane and the nice wheat sticks deliver in our ASIA BLEND a culinary strong race with the seasoned original Japanese Soy Sauce chilli rice crackers. This imposing walnut and Cracker mix is then seasoned with a nice blend of spices with a subtle chilli note.With the ASIA BLEND we have our rice crackers extended range filled in with an excellent walnut rice crackers mixture of peanuts, rice crackers, Kaki No Tane and wheat sticks. High quality ingredients and attention to detail will make you want to a conscious enjoying. Explosion of flavours from peanuts, rice crackers and wheat sticks.

Charming snack mix with chilli highlights

Excellent seasoned and incredibly delicious: Different flavour components and a refined colour, draw from our ASIA BLEND. A classic peanut rice cracker mix, flavoured with Japanese Kaki No Tane crackers and small wheat sticks. These carefully selected components make our ASIA BLEND an absolute taste sensation. Thanks to a variety of antioxidants, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E in peanuts you provide your body during the snacking with some important trace elements and vitamins - for a healthy diet and good mood.

Charming snack mix with chilli highlights

Who loves peanuts and rice crackers the same way and is eager for a special taste experience, then the ASIA BLEND is the perfect choise. This snack mix combines red rice crackers with subtle chilli note and with finely spiced peanuts, Kaki No Tane rice crackers and wheat sticks to a wonderful flavour blend. Definitely colourful, it provides one of our snacks highlights, which poured into glasses, bowl or directly into the hands it turns into a fiesta for the eyes and mounth. Classic with beer or wine, during the day as an energy kick or in the evening to a cozy chill-out. Lovely spiced decent premium snacks come here at your price.