Snack with peanuts, corn & pretzel

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PEANUTS, maize, WHEAT, mod. Corn starch, palm oil, salt, pepper, sugar, barley maltextract, glucose fructose syrup, WHEY, poppy, SESAME, WHEAT starch, yeast, BUTTERMILKpowder, Emulgator: Mono and diglycerides, acid regulator: sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide solution. May contain traces of other NUTS and SOJA.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Exclusive Snack Mix | CrackersCompany Shop

Someone that is responsible in an espresso bar or a coffee shop, with the professional preparation of the coffee, is called Barista. Our BARISTA MIX is, therefore, not only an ideal alternative to the traditional Nibble Caramel Crackers or of a slice of cake but the perfect accompaniment of any hot or cold beverage for all lovers of spicy nibbles. Now, buy online at CrackersCompany and experience a unique blend of snacks: crispy salted pretzels, spicy pretzel sticks, saltine crackers with and without refined poppy seeds, peanuts, crispy baked corn, and spicy panade.

Salty Snacks Reinvented - CrackersCompany Online Shop

Why not enjoy salty nibbles with your coffee? Break the conventional sweet snack mold with our BARISTA MIX, highly recommended to be served with coffee or tea. The popular salted pretzels, pretzel sticks, well-known saltine crackers, peanuts, and small corn kernels are an excellent choice for tea time or coffee hour. Buy online now and love these cool and innovative snack pairings from CrackersCompany.

Reinvented and Still Loyal to the Snack Line - Shop Now at CrackersCompany

Keep reinventing your snack game with our BARISTA MIX. Perfect for early lunches or afternoon hours with a cup of coffee or espresso. Shop now at CrackersCompany and experience a completely new taste sensation. A good Barista told us that a tiny pinch of salt in the coffee brew gives a completely new taste experience. So, grab your coffee machine and enjoy our pretty aluminum can filled with our BARISTA MIX delights that spoil your palate!