Salty and nutritious snacks like peanuts with wasabi, rice crackers and much more.

A hearty snack experience at home

For a well-kept TV evening with the whole family belong also the corresponding snacks. Apart from sweet specimens, hearty snacks are of great popularity. In our well-crafted CrackersCompany online shop, we offer you a wide selection. From snacks with snacks, to delicious chocolate treats to healthy fruit mixes, you will find a variety of treats in the best quality.

At CrackersCompany you will find the right snack for every occasion.

"Salty & Spicy" - the most varied nut variations, hearty salted and consistency

which, of course, you can be sure after a purchase in our shop, to profit from high standards and first class selected foods. We are well aware of our responsibility in this area and would like to offer you an unrivaled enjoyment in all kinds of snacks.

See for yourself our wide range of snacks!

Salty and nutritious snacks in your whole variety

In the category "Salty & Spicy Snacks" you will find a wide selection of different nut mixes and cracker variations from all over the world. Mixes of spices and taste buds of different regions of the world unite in our snack offer. Here you can find delicious nibbles with Peanuts, Snacks with Pekans, Wasabi snacks, rice crackers and Snacks with barbecue flavor.

It goes without saying that we respect the highest quality standards when selecting the ingredients for our snacks, as well as a gentle preparation. After buying your CrackersCompany Snack products, you can be absolutely sure to enjoy a first-class food at the home of your TV evening. Already the homepage of this category offers deep insights into the large selection of different cracker specialties, which in many respects know how to convince and will provide true pleasures for the palate.

After selecting a specific category, you will see the listed snacks with photo at a glance. If you like a snack mix, a simple mouse click is enough to gain insight into the extensive product details. Here you will find the ingredients, nutritional values and information on the ingredients of the selected snack.

And if you have special eating habits or special requirements on the ingredients of the snacks, our flavor radar, the snack- Selection according to the snacks you are interested in.

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