Natural almonds with skin and without salt
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Store cool, dry and protected from light.

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Almonds: the healthier and tasty choice!

With almonds, you can't make any mistakes. They are healthy, keep your appetite in check and are just incredibly yummy. Especially if you enjoy almonds with skin you will give yourself a real health boost!

Better off everyone: almonds!

If we are being honest, pretty much everybody profits from almonds. They contain a lot of folic acid -good for pregnant women- and iron -good for vegetarians and everyone else- and plenty of E- & B-vitamines, which is very rare in that concentrated combination. That's why we say: go get those almonds!

Forget boredom - eat almonds!

If you are thinking that almonds taste healthy or boring just because they only have positive qualities, you are plain wrong. Traditionally, you can put them in cakes or pastries, but you can also wonderfully refine spicy dishes with a handful of almonds. Enjoy them!