Sour cherries in dark chocolate

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Sugar, cocoa BUTTER, sour cherry, SOY lecithin, flavoring, glucose syrup (WHEAT / maize), thickener: Gummi arabicum, glazing agent: shellac, vegetable fat. May contain traces of PEANUTS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1806 3210


New best friends - dark chocolate & sour cherries

We've come across many combinations of fruit and chocolate - this is one of our favourites! It is extraordinary because sour cherries aren't used very often for this purpose. Having tried those, we don't understand why - but: the fewer people know about it, the more will be left for us.

Alluring?high-class delight!

Many people say that dark chocolate is the healthiest choice if you want to eat chocolate. We don´t like those kinds of attributions because we think food shouldn't be consumed because it is healthy, but because you really like it. This dark chocolate is carefully manufactered with a slight and elegant bitterness - a perfect match to sour cherries!

Classy delicacy: sour cherries in dark chocolate!

The slow-food movement has tought us how to regardfully enjoy our meals. We think, this is only possible with high-quality food - you wouldn´t want to feel how bad bad food tastes if slowly eaten. Instead, try those sour cherries in dark chocolate, they are truly worthwhile.