Dried sour physails
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cape gooseberry / Physalis. May contain traces of PEANUTS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0805 9000


Satisfies the desire for fruits

The fruit of Physalis is bright orange, sweet and deliciously tasty. It impresses with its unique taste: the dish tastes sweet, the meat slightly bitter with a hint of citrus aromatised. Die crispy, slightly acidic core inside is protected by the soft flesh. The attractive appearance is reminiscent of a small gold-yellow tomato. The spherical fruit is surrounded by a parchment-like, light brown, lantern-shaped shield.The gentle drying of fruits for our PHYSALIS DELUXE, the tart sweetness and surprise focused with a pleasant acidity, which fits quite wonderfully into the overall concept of this fantastic fruit.

A wonderful sweet-sour taste

Pure fruit pleasure and full of flavour and totally natural. That's what distinguishes PHYSALIS DELUXE is. Well known and popular under the name "cape gooseberry" fruit, transported a clever packaging management by its charming parchment coat and simultaneously great taste in the relatively small round berries, which comes very close to that of the known here as gooseberry. Gently dried and otherwise completely natural, this fruit standthrough its magnificent sweetness, which is flanked by a beautiful acidity. They are generally regarded as an energy booster, which is the high content of vitamin B12 due. An enthusiastic fruit that immediately closes in your heart and you will not want to let him off again.

Fruity delight for the connoisseurs

PPHYSALIS DELUXE are the ideal complement for your own trail mix or a perfect ingredient in all types of biscuits or dry cakes. You can use them also as an ideal alternative using raisins, which has it's own special taste experience. Integrating these healthy foods in your daily life. You can at any time to nibble on a pack and get out on the road if you need an energy boost. The fruity acidity you will like every time, a real pleasure, until the package is empty ...