Red raspberry flavoured fruit juice hearts
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Glucose syrup, 23% raspberry juice from fruit juice concentrate, sugar, gelatin, acidifier: citric acid, flavor, coloring food (beetroot), coating agent: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1704 9065


Why do we like hearts so much?

Concerning human beings, it is obvious why they are so important for us. Taking this knowledge to a symbolic level, it becomes obvious: every time we want to convey the importance of another person we use hearts. More so, if they have rasperry flavouring.

Rasperry, your're quite legendary!

Fruit gummis are required to be fruity, that is very obvious. Those dear little gummi hearts are class winners: with 23% fruit juice they contain the perfect amount of delightful raspberry taste. Formidable! 

Raspberry hearts - highly valued

For highly valued friends or guests, people tend to use only the best ingridients. Rightly so! Just like those little raspberry hearts, little presents should be of superior quality and taste. Just the look of them!