Peanut kernel with crispy wasabi coating

bulk 7,5kg

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glass edged 60g

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glass round 60g

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composite can small 60g

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box 60g

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ALU can 60g

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ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 500g

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PEANUTS, WHEAT FLOUR, Sugar, Corn starch, Corn flour, Palm oil (RSPO SG), Dextrin, Palm oil, SOY sauce powder (WHEAT, SOY, dextrin, salt, koji, colour: caramelc) Salt, Seasoning (dextrin, thickener (414), MUSTARD, flavour, anti-oxidant ( carnosic)), Raising agent (sodium), Potato starch, Flavour enhancer (Disodium 5´-ribonucleotide), Food acid (citric acid), Colouring (chlorophyllin), Wasabi.May contain traces of GLUTEN, and other NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


The perfect cheese delight - spicy and crunchy

Our Chili CHEESE COOKIES are a delight for all of those who can't say no to a piece of cheese when snacking. We just changed the shape of the classic cheese cube completely: wafer-thin, round and crisply baked they are the dream of every cheese lover. These round and thin wafers contain a spicy cheese blend of the finest cheeses, rounded off with a proper pinch of Chili. After baking in the hot oven they are cut out and left out to harden in fresh air.

Crunchy cheese crust for in between

We are sure that all cheese lovers will take this deliciously cheesy chips into your favourite snacking list. And the idea of giving you cheese in a melted and crisply baked form actually came by mistake! Everybody knows it, many love it: pizza with too much cheese topping that gently drops down and is baked to small, dark and crispy cricles. A delicious dream - at least for those who don't have to clean the oven afterwards!

Round cheese wafers with Chili finish

The first impression is the most important, not only with people, but also with snacks! If you don't instantly fall in love with these round, thin cheese wafers, we can't understand this world anymore! Because our Chili CHEESE COOKIES are perfection itself. A perfect cheese aroma with a gentle pinch of salt. A perfect balance between the Chili seasoning and the slight smoky flavour that arises from the baking process. And our cookies have the perfect round and delicate composition for using them as topping, either on a light salad or on pasta, such as "Spaghetti al parmigiano".