Deep-fried Japanese Shiitake-mushrooms
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87,5% Shiitake mushroom, 8% palm oil (RSPO), 4% dextrin, 0,5% salt


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2003 9090


Fresh, new, fascinating - Shiitake Mushrooms!

Those Shiitake Mushrooms are really special - and you can whole heartedly say, they are new. And different. And tasty. They are deep-fried and salted. Nothing else.

Shiitake Mushrooms - wanna try umami?

Shiitake Mushrooms have their origin in Japan and is being cultivated for centuries - on beech trees, oaks or other kinds of hardwood. It has an intense, fungoid fragrance which you can also experience with the deep-fried ones. It is the favorite mushroom in East Asia, for its taste is umami. Ever heard of umami? It is the fifth sense of taste - next to bitter, sweet, sour and salty.

Shiitake Mushrooms - something really special!

Of course, you can nibble those Shiitake Mushrooms just like that. They are delicious and fine. But you can also use them to spicen up your cooking. To add umami flavor, you can use those Shiitake Mushrooms as a topping for your soups or salads. Additionally, they are very decorative indeed.