Banana slices fried and with honey

bulk 6,8kg

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glass edged 50g

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glass round 50g

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box 50g

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ALU can 50g

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ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 400g

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banana (60%), coconut oil, sugar, flavour (banana), honey.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0803 0090


Procure your own personal moments of happiness with the yellow power fruit

Bananas are the undisputed favourite among the fruit when it comes to supplying the body with an uncomplicated and delicious way with energy. The clever bananas have their packaging uncomplicated what it also makes a particularly great childhood snack. In addition, bananas care for each lot of fun: the famous joke on the slip on the banana peel has already thrilled the silent film era of thousands of people. Do not worry, our BANANA CHIPS come already peeled, therefore - though by no means naked and not entirely without infecting with good humor: smoothly fried and seasoned with honey and sugar, they offer a gustatory snack experience which you will feel from the first chip because of scent of ripe and sweet banana with a hint of honey ensures very own moment of happiness just for your.

Your delicious boost of energy - chip by chip, a bit of happiness

Our favourite energy supplier number 1 in the fruit bowl provides an optimal mixture of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. In a well-balanced diet is an extremely important point, but also the fun and the taste the food should not lose sight: therefore, our BANANA CHIPS are gently fried and honey sweetened so that the wonderful aroma of ripe bananas even better comes into its own. A delicious taste combined with the active ingredient tryptophan ensures the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. So, what's more, glorious than to annex chip by chip, a piece of happiness? Our BANANA CHIPS are from now on your crispy personal good luck charm to Snack base!

All around a crunchy - sweet banana pleasure

A small highlight in between of a successful start of a new day: Our BANANA CHIPS guarantees the good mood and a very great taste. As a topping on your cereal or cottage cheese, they are the perfect complement for your breakfast or a snack. Along with a few delicious nuts, they replace a full meal. Gourmets enjoy combining the little crispy slices with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. In brief: Who tried it once our BANANA CHIPS, is forfeited to them forever and can no longer get enough of it.