Caramelized almond kernel

bulk 5kg

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glass edged 90g

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glass round 90g

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box 90g

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ALU can 90g

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composite can small 90g

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ZIP bag 550g

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composite can large 700g

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ALMONDS (NUTS) (65%), sugar (30%), glucose syrup, sunflower oil (non hydrogenated), flavour, lecithin (sunflower), honey, emulsifier(s): arabic gum. May contain traces of PEANUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0031


A copper pot full of caramel-coloured almonds

A handful of good sugar, high temperatures and the best almonds - with these simple ingredients we made our excitingly tasty CARAMEL ALMONDS. We melt the sugar and cook the almonds in a big copper pot, putting out the steaming and deliciously smelling result to cool off afterwards. After a short rest, they are ready to be enthusiascally snacked!

Silence is golden - and so are roasted almonds

Naturally, you can enjoy our CARAMEL ALMONDS quietly and by yourself. But we do recommend sharing them with friends, after all everything is more beautiful when sharing with the people you like most. The next time you invite them over for dinner, why not make small paper bags and put a couple of our golden almonds in them as a treat for each one of your guests? Write their name on the bags and you will have wonderfully original nameplates!

County fair-feeling goes worldwide

Remember when you used to go on county fairs where drove bumper cars and threw rings to win a rather unimpressive prize? And what did you always get afterwards? Right, a bag of sticky caramelized almonds, still warm! We stuck to the traditional recipe and created our original caramel sweet almonds that will make your heart skip!