Stoned and dried cherries

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dried sweet black cherries, pitted (100%).


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0031


The perfect aromatic and delicious cherries of Italian origin

The triumph came to the cherries in 74 BC. The Roman general Lucullus brought the first cultivated cherries to Rome. From there, the delicious fruits widespread lawn rapidly in many parts of Europe, where they were at home. Not only the Romans were enthusiastic about the first cherry trees, in the countryside little by little established themselves and from their pretty white blossoms ripened red, plump fruit. Rightly is the cherry, as we know it today, one of the most popular stone fruit varieties. With CHERRY DELUXE we put the dark red fruit a monument. Gently dried and equipped with intensely fruity cherry flavour, would even the ancient Romans of the Roman Empire are big fans of our tribute to this great fruit that carries concentrated sweetness with it.

First white, then red - then deluxe

"Only as white as the snow, then as green as the clover, then as red as the blood! " - All children tastes well Our CHERRY DELUXE definitely the best-selected fruits, gently dried and sweetened discreetly, prove the sweet cherries in a charming manner, that dried fruits are quite able to keep up with the taste of fresh fruit, the full cherry aroma, juicy and soft consistency. A wonderful snack pleasure that ensures of white cherry tree blossoms, the weigh told in the gentle spring breeze in the sun for relaxing moments.

Cherry, Cherry Lady!

They taste intense, fully aromatic with a soft bite. The CHERRY DELUXE you'll love - because they make their name! Her dark red, shiny appearance, sparkling like a small cherry diamond, make especially good in your cereal or your breakfast porridge. Taking in airy scones or muffins or as an irresistible snack, they provide sweet fruity variety. Especially delicious they taste a selection of fine nuts - or delicious dark chocolate. Unbelievable snacking ladylike deluxe - please who could resist this beauty?