This is real. Edible jewelry and silver - this is noble chocolate stones with very delicate flakes of real silver. Luxury to eat. Crackers` Luxury!

Vorratspackung 5kg

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Glas eckig 130g

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Glas rund 130g

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Membrandose klein 130g

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Schachtel 130g

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ALU Dose 130g

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PET Dose 130g

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ZIP Beutel 750g

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Membrandose groß 900g

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Chocoflavour (sugar, cocoa powder,hydrogenated palm kernel oil, whole MILK powder, SOY lecithin, maltodextrin, chocolate flavour, milk flavour), Sugar, Glazing agent (Gummi arabicum), Colouring ( Titanium dioxide), Colouring (carameld), Colouring (capsanthinc), Glazing agent (carnauba wax), Colouring ( chlorophylls), Colouring (anthocyanins), Colouring (Carmine), Food acid (citric acid), Colouring (curcumin), 999 Silver.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0031


Choco Silver Stones - jewelry & silver to relish

These stones are very precious to us. The chocolate stones look like jewelry, the silver - is real! There are not many companies selling crackers like these. We instantly fell in love with our Choco Silver Stones - the look as if a fairy has bewitched silver to cover and protect the stones from evil and envy. A dream come true!

Silver? On Chocolate? Really!

Silver is attractive, silver is most malleable of all metals and silver is most precious to us. Adding it to chocolate, as in the case of Choco Silver Stones, changes everything. Chocolate becomes jewelry, decorated with twinkling silver. Special, precious and completely harmless - especially in such purity we´re using for our crackers.

Appraisal for loved ones

Time is precious, our loved ones are, too. Time to show how you feel, adding silver to your token of your esteem adds a touch of exclusivity and luxury - as proven with those Choce Silver Stones. Put them on a wedding cake, to mark the jubilee on any other cake or to highlight any other special occasion.

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